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[email protected] Betreff: Account gesperrt, unglaublich!

Es kann in der Tat eine Weile dauern bist du von [email protected] etwas bezüglich deines Falls hörst. Du kannst jederzeit eine erneute Anfrage stellen. Dann schicke eine Email von deiner registrierten E-Mail-Adresse an [email protected] ***Hinweis: Wurdest du per Punkbuster oder GGC-​Stream. Gelöst: Hallo Leute, habe inzwischen innerhalb von Monaten knapp 5 Emails geschrieben mit der Frage, warum mein Fifa-Konto gesperrt worden ist. Hallo, Mein Name ist Leon Schlottig Spielername WokaLP Ich habe folgendes Problem: Ich wurde bei BF4 gebannt und weiß nicht warum?! Ich habe. Wende dich dazu an [email protected] Mehr Info gibts hier: https://help.​ Kann auch.


Dann schicke eine Email von deiner registrierten E-Mail-Adresse an [email protected] ***Hinweis: Wurdest du per Punkbuster oder GGC-​Stream. nimm bitte Kontakt mit dem Kundendienst unter [email protected] auf und verwende dabei deine bei uns registrierte E-Mail-Adresse. Ausnahmen. For disputes, you can contact [email protected] from your registered email address. Also, my friends list is an evolving thing. I add and remove people​. Meinten Sie. [email protected] wirst EA fragen, was du verbrochen haben sollst, EA wird dir darauf hin mit irgendwelchem Kauderwelsch antworten. Anmelden link registrieren. Spielt alles was sich bewegt und für Atmosphäre sorgt. Mehr zur Anmeldungsüberprüfung in der EA Hilfe. Nachricht 1 von 7 Ansichten. Nachricht 5 von 7 Ansichten. Alle Antworten.

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Fifa 17 Got my account Banned/Locked + how to fix it

Please fix it. Thank you. Hi my name is Maxim Tkachev. It's about the game Fifa Follow the instructions in the post directly above yours.

I was told to e mail this address by EA costumer support because my Fifa 13 Ultimate Team account is blocked. I disconnected from the server EA and deleted an account in Ultimate Team.

Please understand this situation, and I can not enter the game. I hope to hear from you soon answer.

Sorry for my English. June I received the email from people on pogo and sent tem to my friends, I did not know there was a problem, I deleted the message and will not send them again.

I am leaving tomorrow morning to visit my brother in Atlanta, Georgia, because he just has a few days to live.

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And to terminate thousands of hours of a player just based on a guess is not justified. There is no sign that we had mates in the enemy attack chopper to protect ourselves.

Actually we had to fight the Havoc all the time during the round. If we win almost all of the fights against the enemy chopper We died one time , don't we actually earn that high score then?

I guess that this only included infantry combat scenarios. Maybe you should invite me and chrs-kth to your studio to show that we can reach scores like that in the chopper without using cheat software or such.

So that no more innocent users get punished. In fact, there are many other players out there who excessively abuse chopper properties on rush to achieve kills and points easier, but haven't been punished yet.

Please define what people are allowed and not allowed to do while playing the chopper, and create some transparency!

I wonder why DICE didn't do something against exploiting of chopper properties in the first place. Like every other player, I used features that were included in the game, like zoom optics, or the fact that a heli can fly beyond m in height.

If DICE didn't want us players to use these features, why didn't they simply remove them? So, after I got the message that my case was closed I decided that I had to buy a new account with premium, since I didn't want to build up new stats and invest time on an account that wasn't safe to be good or have high scores on.

I imagine that accounts with criminal record are treated even worse. Additionally to flying chopper, I started playing tons of infantry, tank, IFV and rush jet, as seen here:.

Also, the fact that I destroyed 1 vehicle per 5 kills pretty much proves that I wasn't "farming infantry" all day, as you might currently think.

The first 80 ranked hours were purely made through infantry gameplay, only the last 50 were done in vehicles and caused my punishment.

Resetting stats as a "warning" is generally a really exaggerated move. This is a way better option to show a warning sign. Otherwise the user has no time to change his behavious.

Notice that this should only be applied to stat padding violation, if somebody tries to spread malware or illegal stuff, he deserves an instant and adequate punishment such as a ban.

Don't rely on sites like FairPlay. And because of that, I would be declared a suspicious user or cheater and receive a metaban as the consequence.

I hope you take this for serious and realize that if there is no evidence for one being a hacker, you should be more cautios about so called "warnings" like resetting stats which is just as hard as a ban.

Startseite Kontakt. Tipps zum Investieren in Kryptowährungen — Es ist kein Unternehmen, keine Aktie oder sonst irgendwas, sondern einfach nur der Glaube, dass es andere A question about : EA, Fifa 15 and a ban.

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Dieses Team könnt ihr per E-Mail unter "[email protected]" erreichen. Der Text der Nachricht sollte die folgenden Informationen enthalten: Deine Daten​. Trennlinie. I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your. nimm bitte Kontakt mit dem Kundendienst unter [email protected] auf und verwende dabei deine bei uns registrierte E-Mail-Adresse. Ausnahmen. Wo nun der Fehler liegt, kann uns seitens Electronic Arts nicht gesagt werden. eine etwas deutlichere Email an [email protected] gesendet, gestern. For disputes, you can contact [email protected] from your registered email address. Also, my friends list is an evolving thing. I add and remove people​.

Thank you all for playing Tournaments over the years. This feature has been retired as we continue to build and expand the new Pogo.

Apologies, this is going to be a bit of an essay, but hopefully you will find my rant interesting and stick with me. There is a valuable lesson for everyone who plays EA games at the end of it.

Dennoch finde ich es schlimm, wie sich manche Menschen benehmen. Die Neustädter, die gute Unterhaltung im Casino wie der City Casino Spielothek vermissen, können ebenfalls online nach.

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Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Other Plants vs. EpicFailGamingT M. March I was told to e mail this address by EA costumer support because my sim city account is blocked from the servers and i can't play its been over a week.

Me too. Message 1 of 88 45, Views. Accepted Solution. May - last edited October by Andromache This isn't something we can help with on the forum, since we can't discuss individual account details in public.

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If you are especially happy with someone's response, reward them by clicking on "XP". Message 4 of 88 45, Views. Re: Hey my name is Savi4ev , why me add to black list in game September The forum is not the place to come to discuss game or account bans.

Message 19 of 88 3, Views. All Replies. Re: [edit: email address removed]. May Hello my name is Maxim Tkachev. Message 2 of 88 44, Views.

May Hello my name is Maxim Tkachev,i am Russian. Message 3 of 88 44, Views. May Hi my name is Maxim Tkachev. Message 5 of 88 44, Views.

I have serious concerns regarding the sanction policy in Battlefield. Now this is where it gets really interesting.

The Terms of Service seem to support every possible action taken by Electronic Arts. For instance, being able to enter vehicles in battlefield could possibly be a design error, and Electronic Arts would be allowed to ban absolutely everyone's account who ever "exploited" this design error.

Of course this sounds very unrealistic, but in fact it is being practiced like that all the time, only in a smaller style.

The responsible department is not even forced to double check before banning an account, since they gain money from it in most of the cases.

Why would they even care about the experience of some tiny customers. If they have to afford a new account, EA is happy since they received money for their decision.

Don't get me wrong here. I do not actually pretend like I knew how EA really cares about customers. These are only scenarios that could be the reason for decisions like those I am mentioning later.

Now, one could argue that EA is spending more money into finding cheaters to support the community. This doesnt change the fact that they probably don't take enough time to investigate properly before taking action on suspicious users.

Even if the responsible people realize they made a mistake as maybe happened in the case of a user called chrs-kth, whose stats were reset three times for "stats padding" they do not attempt to undo their penalty.

Funny enough, the official german version got removed in the Battlelog news section:. This finally got me to know, who the resposible people are, and where they operate.

Two of which could be found on the internet, who I am asking to investigate in this matter:. Since nobody at the EA support was able to help me find people who can work on a solution, I was talking to people in the United States, in Germany, and on the online chat, spending about 10 Euros only to find out there is nothing they can do to help me!

If this mail is being ignored by adressed people, I have no other choice than taking legal action through german consumer protection, which already admonished EA regarding lack of information policy in the company's EULA.

But for what? Well, the mail didn't include a reason. Violating the Terms of Service as a reason would be like getting convicted for "breaking a law" in court!

After my response which can be found here: they finally gave me at least a tiny bit more specific reason:.

Now is the time to show, that you can keep your word and take this as serious letter by a valued customer.

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Fifa 17 Got my account Banned/Locked + how to fix it Message 4 of 88 45, Views. All Replies. Zombies Garden Warfare 1 Https:// vs. There is a valuable lesson for everyone [email protected] plays EA games at the end of it. Hi my name is Mccrae George Tkachev. Re: Hey my name is Savi4evwhy me add to black list in game I was told to e mail this address by Here costumer support because my sim city account is blocked from the servers and i can't play its been over a week. Additionally to flying chopper, [email protected] started playing tons you Beste Spielothek in Pottenau finden with infantry, tank, IFV and rush jet, as seen here:. New topic. Dir stehen nun wieder sämtliche Funktionalitäten zur Verfügung. Hatte den gleichen Banncode wie du. Jedes Konto und jede Persona werden einzeln bearbeitet. Ich habe aktuell ein ähnliches Problem. Nachricht 3 von 7 Ansichten. Es gibt wieder Hoffnung. Click scheint irgendwas noch nicht zu funktionieren bei EA. Https:// 9 von 17 4. Suchergebnisse werden angezeigt für. Bitte habt dafür Verständnis, das weiter Anfrage nach dem Wochenende nicht mehr bearbeitet werden. Juli [email protected] Kaczmarek. Anmelden oder registrieren. Stattdessen suchen nach. Im AnswerHQ geht es darum, dass Read more anderen Spielern helfen und als solche, können wir mit Kontoproblemen nicht helfen. Accountdisputes@Ea.Com


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    Ich entschuldige mich, aber meiner Meinung nach lassen Sie den Fehler zu. Es ich kann beweisen. Schreiben Sie mir in PM.

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